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Witness the latest installment of mighty whiteness from our contenders. I present to you: “skepticalwitch”


I would just like to say that as someone of indigenous descent

… that you have no right to speak for any live indigenous culture, because you’re a white kid with no concept of anything you try to address here. This should have been your clue to STFU.

who is a practitioner of occult traditions, both from my culture, and others, that OP is a tool. That, and that this “problem” she’s going on about is a lot more complicated than she’s making it out to be. She can bitch and whine about cultural appropriation, but I have always believed that “cultural appropriation” is one of the stupidest ideals ever conceived because it’s always taken to this degree.

Yah, critical thinking is something people usually only develop after their teens. You can go on believing that and you can go on believing that the Gulf War never happened but they will still be there, affecting people every day.

If it wasn’t for “cultural appropriation”, I wouldn’t have been born. “cultural appropriation” is how traditions meld together, and it’s beautiful!

You don’t even know what cultural appropriation means, so pardonnez-moi if I don’t take you seriously at all. You’ve been afforded the privilege of growing up without having to encounter that shit on a daily basis and your opinion on the matter is directly proportional to your knowledge of and experience with the subject. In this case, non-existent.

So just stop talking because you’re making everyone feel yucky.

OMG look at that fountain of white tears!

Cultural appropriation is what indigenous people say when they want to be selfish with their culture.

Hang on, you’re a bot, aren’t you?

I, on the other hand, love sharing mine. Because I’m proud of it, and because I love sharing in the cultures of others as well.

Good for ya girl!

Because by her definition, anyone who converts to any mainstream religion cannot really be what they convert to.

And this also where it would have served you well to actually check up on what has actually been said about religion and appropriation. Mainstream religions are big on converting people, however most indigenous traditions are not and they are tied to a specific community and location. Major difference.

By that definition, the world is an ugly place, and nothing ever changes because people aren’t allowed to embrace other cultures.

The world is an ugly place because WHITE PEOPLE RUINED IT. Through colonization, genocide, exploitation, intellectual as well as material property theft. We’re footing the bill for your pretty things.

So do yourself a favour, and I say this completely without malice because you are very clearly a kid who just jumped on the bandwagon after the big girls had already given their pieces: Stay the fuck out of this discussion. Come back when you have actually formed at least some basic understanding of the things you talk about, because at the moment you’re just parroting the entitled white bitches who came before you.

This insane woman has to be one of the most patronizing and condescending people I have  had the misfortune of coming in contact with. “I’m older than you and more coloured than you, so shut up” go fuck yourself. Yeah I’m a white kid because I’m punjabi and guatemalan and grew up/live in the Caribbean.

My bad; you read EXACTLY like a white bitch, but it goes to show one shouldn’t assume that POC are in any way immune to whiteness. Because you sure as fuck do subscribe to it, and the weekend extras too.

And it means NOTHING to me. You STILL have no right to say how other people should deal with appropriation of their cultures.

I hope she falls off the earth, she is not even worth anyones time.

Yet you keep spending yours.

I didn’t have to come in contact with it becuase it doesn’t bug culteral me. If I see someone in a Sari, I don’t have a heart attack. If I see a while person worshipping Ganesha or The Five Ks I don’t go and cry on my tumblr. That’s why.

You still do not get to say what goes and doesn’t go for my culture. Or anybody else’s. Fuck with yours all you like; it’s up to your people to collect you or leave you be, but kindly back the fuck out of OTHER PEOPLE’S CULTURES. Which was the entire fucking point of this entire fucking thread. Which you clearly didn’t even glance at before adding your unique perspective.

It’s all about perspective you psychopath.

How ‘bout you grow some?

Hop of your high horse and stop behaving like everything in the world is out to get you.

Kinda hard, seeing as the daft bitches just keep coming. But I do my best.

Blaming one race for all your problems makes you as terrible as you seem to think they are.


Yes a group of white people at one point in time bastardized your culture. And yes the country (I’m assuming you live in America because I have no desire to go on your blog to check) you live in is divided down the middle when it comes to race, I get it.

No, you don’t, because you didn’t even bother to check where I live (stated somewhere earlier on IN THIS VERY THREAD, you hapless child). And you really don’t seem to know shit about anything.

But not every white person is a douche who wants to destroy your culture.

It’s heartening how avidly you speak in favour of the poor whites.

That’s incredibly stupid. I didn’t have to deal with cultural appropriation, because I live in Belize. In the Carribean, shit like that does not matter.

Maybe not to you, but I’ll ask a grown-up to be sure.

We all talk patoi, no matter if you’re black, white, indian, spanish, we all do. I live in a melting pot and I was raised to think that this is the right way to do things.

Ergo that MUST be the right way to do things for everybody everywhere? You astound me.

Everyone has a little bit of each others culture in them, and it’s beautiful.

I like pie.

So please, just stop carrying on, because you’re offending everyone with your close-minded views.

Every racist, appropriator, and apologist, you mean? Because that’s how I know I’m doing things right.

You want everyone to stick to their in-born culture? Well then. By that definition, my parents would never have met. By that definition the world would be uglier. So please take your insane ideas somewhere else. 

Please leave me to enjoy my own pie which I like and you carry on with yours, because I can’t stomach that shit and sorry, no, won’t partake.

The oldest evidence of pie was found in old english texts dating back to the 15th century. STOP APPROPRIATING MY CULTRE. OH MY GOSH, PIE IS ONLY FOR MY PEOPLE, AND YOU’RE OFFENDING ME BY EVEN SAYING YOU LIKE IT <insert stock jabber about subscribing to whiteness, etc> Yes. Calling me white is an insult. Congratulations. Maybe I will ask a grown up, but it sure as shit won’t be you, because you are a woman-child have I ever seen one. I fucking hate tumblr activists. They’re always so facing self-richeous and completely insolent.

It’s kind of hard to believe that there’s this much division in the pagan community. This is the last time I’m going to reblog anything this cunt says about me. Please don’t continue though, because I will not respond. I won’t even read it. You consistently call me child, but then you argue with me like you’re one. Done Done Done. Maybe if you weren’t so abrasive, the “daft bitches” wouldn’t keep coming. Blessed be, and I hope you someday find a way to stop being so bloody caustic.

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